• Self-adhesive
  • Superrior quality
  • Life last for 5 Years
  • You can cut any size as you need

The best wide angle reflection performance. Reflective Sticker Tape, High surface finish, Good resistance to water wet resistance. Wear-resisting, scraping resistance, impact resistance. High reflecting rate to return the incident light completely. Traffic signs for highways and city road retro- reflective marking for auto. Reflective Sticker Tape Good flexibility and screen printable. water resistance and moisture resistance. The durable reflective tape for bikes will not fade when exposed to hot sunlight or heavy rain. The Residue-free reflective stickers is easy to stick on, leave no residue even if used for a longtime, no need to do unnecessary cleaning work after tearing off, convenient and easy. These reflective tapes are made for safety concern, to warn and remind in special places, Work great for emergency vehicles, commercial vehicles. This product will be an excellent pick for you. It comes in a proper packaging. Made of High-quality PVC, the reflective tapes are waterproof, providing long service life. It is safer to install colored radium tape strips on all sides of your two wheeler or four wheeler vehicle as it shines during the night from a good distance by which any kind of accidents may be avoided. It also helps in identifying your vehicle during driving in congested roads or traffic. Above all it gives your vehicle a smart look. It is self-adhesive and very easy to install tape as you only need to remove plastic sheet behind the radium tape. It has god elongation property , anti vibrating , strong crack resistance , high resistance to heat , water and moisture, high seal property.


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